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KDEV // grow some vocabulary

friends only.

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Feb.27.11 - clicky.
DUGERA // holyfuckinglove.
I have a tumblr now!
It's for fashion, music, random squeeing, etc.
follow me! ♥
Feb.26.11 - can't sleep
RAHM // i love you scumbags
things; in no particular order
-Crazy ass weather made me sick for like the past week. I missed a whole week of school and I still feel like utter shit. I knew I was getting sick for about 2 weeks ahead, but I'm a dumbass and didn't take time out to rest and nip it in the bud.
-I've been soooo tired but can't sleep this week. Hence, this entry.
-Have I mentioned that I'm making a MCR quilt? Over winter break, I was listening to Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys and decided to do a series of embroidery about the album. Then, I decided to turn em all into a quilt. It's gonna be 4x5-ish feet, with 12 embroidered panels inspired by the album. All of the embroidery and quilting is going to be done by hand with hand-dyed and hand-stenciled borders and backing. So far, I've got 10 panels done.
-I've become a total fangirl over James Franco. Seriously, that mannnn. ♥ Maybe it's because I love his gay characters and my slashy brain just goes crazy.
-Rahm Emanuel is gonna be Chicago's next mayor! As sad as I am to see him leaving the white house, I'm so happy for him! He's gonna do some great things for the city, and now he can be closer to his family! I already love Chicago so damn much, this is just another excuse for me to visit more often.
-The whole diet/exercise routine was shot to hell the past week or two, because of being sick. Ughhh.
-When the fuck is spring gonna get here?
-I'm learning acoustic guitar! So far, I've mastered a few basic chords and about half of a Green Day song. DX

Patrick Stump, you look like a little boy! :D
He's looking so good! I like his whole new image!
And damn, this boy can sing. His new EP is fuckin' amazing btw.
I'll upload it if anyone is interested?
Nov.30.10 - beep.beep.beep
PG // billie & beer
Let's face it.
I never ever use this journal anymore.

I'm keeping it open so I can use communities, but the only posts will be about bandom stuff, and music/graphics/fic sharing.
I'm also deleting a lot of old entries/tags, and redesigning the whole look.

This will also be a friends-only journal.

Leave a comment to be kept on my friend's list, everyone else will be deleted.

That's all. ♥

EDIT: So I just realized how totally emo and bitchy this post sounds. I'm actually really happy to be back on LJ, this just won't be a personal journal. It'll be to use communities, talk about music, share music/movies, and to fangirl over stuff. :D
Also, you guys can blame MCR for being FUCKING AMAZING for getting me back into bandom. :}
KDEV // jesse&kevin laptops
I decided to give ya'll a GLBT history lesson once in a while.

I'm taking a Humanities of The Renaissance class right now and, it's pretty lame but some parts are amazing/hilarious.

We watched a video one day about how Leonardo Da Vinci was totally gay and was even brought to trial for sodomy. I think that's what I'm going to do my term paper on for the class.

Or I might do my paper on how Donatello's David statue is so effeminate; we talked a lot about it in class. Apparently, the city of Florence had a very big "sodomy problem" as the book put it. But Donatello loved the Greek and Romans (who were totally into homosexality), so he decided to do a statue in the style of the old Classics. But he was a little snarky, giving David a limp-wristed pose, a flowery hat, and a feather carressing his thigh. Of course, the church flipped shit, causing a huge controversy and making Donatello even more famous.

Donatello's David

[Shall I continue with regular updates about Historical GLBT people/events? Does anybody enjoy and/or give a fuck?]
KDEV // gullet&guitar
To be honest, right now I'm feeling kind of stuck.

I've only gone into Mcdonalds for two days and I fucking loathe it. Raw meat is seriously the grossest god damn thing to me. I'm already thinking about calling in sick tomorrow, but I do need the money for college. And I feel like shit because Kathy always spends her momey on me when we go out, but I never can because I'm always a broke ass. I don't know what I'm gonna do if best buy doesn't hire me.

It's really fucking me up not being on any sort of school-type schedule. I miss having a reason to get up in the morning and a reason to see and talk to people.
Jun.19.09(no subject)
PG // billie & beer
I haven't been updating much because I've been trying to avoid being home, really.

I've been hanging out with Kathy & her friends a lot. I'm really feeling like a part of their group now, instead of an observer. It's pretty cool, we're all having the best summer.

MY FINAL BEST BUY INTERVIEW WAS TODAY, YALL. You guys have no effing clue how badly I want this job. The interview went spectacularly, but he said there's a ton of people applying. I'll get a callback on friday if I'm hired. But I'd be so perfect for the job, I like people, I'm super friendly, and I'm a huge music dork.
Jun.16.09(no subject)
Fuuuuck today.

I'm sleepy, I feel like shit, it's raining, and kathy got evicted for the second time in... at least 4 months, so we're looking for a place for her to live.

And, I have to go work at Mcfailburger at 5. Fuuuck.

Hunter got a new haircut! Click to make bigger.
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